At iFixed, we do our best to ensure customers have the best experience while offering the most competitive and convenience phone repairs in the UK! Along with this, you phone will be repaired by a highly qualified iFixed Technician. Our Technicians go through complex interviews and training courses to ensure not only are they right for the job, but to ensure they will complete the repair to the highest standard. Constant training ensures our technicians are always on top of the game when it comes to repairs, and not only on new devices!

Our team at HQ ensure all aspects of the business are run smoothly from taking repair orders to organising Technicians! We strive on convenience, and will always go that extra mile!

Why Choose Us?

The most experienced mobile Technicians in the UK

iFixed has a portfolio of the most experienced Technicians in the UK. All our Technicians come from technological backgrounds, and are retrained the iFixed way to ensure all our repairs are carried out to the highest standards! We're so proud of this in fact, we offer a lifetime warranty with all repairs!


Who We Are

iFixed is a National Phone and Tablet repair service across the UK! We have Technicians placed around the country ready to carry out repairs in your hour of need! All our Technicians are iRT trained, and we know they're the best in the business.